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Make apple juice - it's easy!

Enjoy natural juices all the year round.

Apple presses and crushers

What to do with the harvest of apples, grapes and other fruit and berries, ripened in your garden? The best and the healthiest way is to squeeze the juice. It's very easy, and most important thing, your harvest will not be in vain. You with your children will enjoy homemade, delicious and natural juice throughout the year.

Juice box

Make the juice from apples, pears, quince, pumpkins, carrots and other fruit and vegetables. You can squeeze the juice from the grapes and all berries, like red currant, black currant, chokeberry, cranberry, cherry, buckthorn, blueberry, etc. You may prepare enough juice to drink during the whole winter and even to make wine.

Using the press it is easy to prepare quickly a large amount of juice (in one cycle can squeeze 5-7 liters of apple juice using the press with a 10 liters basket), and as a result pressed juice comes cleaner with less amount of pulp and with richest taste.

Juice pressing

To make the juice, you need a press and a fruit crusher. At first, apples and other fruit should be crushed, using a crusher, berries should be pounded with a wooden masher or minced, and then the derived mass should be pressed. Presses and crushers which are necessary for juice making you can buy from us.

Press purchase is a long-term investment in your fruit garden. Juice producing will become a good family tradition, in which even children can participate.

Small volume presses will always be helpful in your kitchen, e.g. to prepare home-made cheese, to press extra juice when cooking zeppelin, to prepare infusions, etc. Electric crushers will be useful to make preparations for winter, such as beets or carrots and other ready-made salads. They can be also used as the feed cutter in your farm.

Apple presses and crushers