Bag in Box juice fillers

With the Bag in Box holder, you can quickly and easily fill bags with hot juice at home. Semi-automatic juice fillers will help juice producers to fill pasteurized juice with high accuracy in glass bottles, jars or Bag in Box bags for later sale.

Bag in box filler BIBF-20 729.00€ 602.48€
Bag in Box Holder H-1 19.49€ 16.11€
Bag in Box Holder H-2 75.00€ 61.98€
Bag in Box Holder H-3 199.00€ 164.46€
Electric pump NOVAX 20-B 95C 149.00€ 123.14€
Electric pump NOVAX 25-B 95C 225.00€ 185.95€
Electric pump NOVAX 30-B 95C 299.00€ 247.11€
Enolmatic bottle vacuum filler 515.00€ 425.62€
Silicone tube 20x26 (1m) 17.99€ 14.87€
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