Cross-beam fruit presses / wine presses

Due to the small size manual fruit presses are convenient to use in a conventional kitchen. The frame design of the apple press allows you to press the juice at one go and eliminates the ingress of screw grease into the juice.

A tabletop fruit press can always be of use when making zeppelins, home made cheese or home made liqueurs.

Cross beam juice presses with 10 and 20 liters capacity will be the best helpers in your country house. Trapezoidal screw thread holds the load well and will serve you a long time.

Cider presses made of stainless steel are more practical to use, especially if you plan to use a fruit press daily. Apple presses with an oak basket will decorate your home or country house, you just need to dry the press basket and the piston well after use. Then the oak fruit press will serve you for a long time.