Hydraulic fruit presses / wine presses

Hydraulic fruit presses are the most convenient and easiest to use. With the help of a hydraulic jack, you can create a large pressure necessary for juicing without making a lot of effort. Therefore, such an apple press can easily be used by a woman.

Hydraulic wine presses will serve you forever, as the jack is the only thing that can get out of order, and you can always buy it in a nearby auto shop. You can also buy a two-stage jack. This will allow you to speed up the process and press the juice at one go, without placing the wooden bars under the jack, as the length of the rod stroke of the jack is twice as long.

Fruit presses made of stainless steel are more practical to use, especially if you plan to use a fruit press daily. Apple presses with an oak basket will decorate your home or country house, you just need to dry the press basket and the piston well after use. Then the oak juice press will serve you for a long time.

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