Electronic juice flow meter FMBB17

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Electronic flow meter suitable for bag in box use.

Made with innovative materials that make it strong and extremely easy to handle thanks to its light weight, it is suitable for all alimentary liquids such as wine and beer. The electronic flow meter has a reset button to be used after each use. The calibration function also allows the use for gravitational falls or for small transfer by low flow rate pumps. A large LCD display provides an easy reading of the partial and total amount of litres counted.

Thanks to the special new “helical spiral” turbine, the Bag in Box flow meter has the best accuracy ever achieved and does not suffer from interference by small solid particles, unlike the standard turbines. The instrument is powered by two AAA size batteries easily available that guarantee 2 years of autonomy with moderate use or one year of autonomy with intensive use.


- Flow rate lt/min: 8 / 180 l/min

- Temperature range: -20+80°C

- Accuracy: ± 1,0%

- Repeatability: 0,05%

- Max. pressure: 20 bar

- Nylon food grade body

- Special “helical spirale” turbine

- Rotor made by polyamide resin + ferrite (food grade)

- Pcb module with LCD display with 5 digit

- Reset mode to partial counter and total counter

- Flow meter and liter counter mode

- Flow rate indication can be calibrated

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