Electric juice pasteurizer PE200

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  • Capacity: 200 l/h
  • Diameter: 600 mm
  • Height: 1650 mm
  • Weight: 63 kg + 28 kg inox table for bag-in-box filling
  • Length: Basic 720 mm, with inox table 1080 mm
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 304
  • Supply: 18kW, 400V 3F, 32A
  • Made in Slovenia

Pasteurizer Model PE200 is used for juice pasteurization and filling in bottles or bag-in-box.

How to use it:

Fill the tank with water up to the level sensor. Switch on the pasteurizer on control panel. Green light must be on.

Set the temperature around 5°C below desired temperature for pasteurizing, which is normally between 79°C and 82°C. Water heating takes 20-30 minutes. When the green light is off, the temperature is achieved. Fill the upper tank with juice and switch on digital thermometer to control juice temperature. Open outlet valve, take a bottle and press it to the filling dose.

To mount the table for filling bag-in-box, first empty the upper tank to prevent getting burned with hot juice. Disconnect the silicone tubes that are connected to filling device. Unscrew the nut DN15 and remove the table for bottle filling. Bring the table for bag-in-box filling and screw the nut DN15. Fill the upper tank with juice. Set a bag and switch on the weight. Control the juice temperature. When desired temperature is achieved, start filling bags.

The pasteurizer set includes: tanks 100 L (water) + 70 L (juice), spiral tube, analog thermometer for water, filling device for two bottles, digital thermometer for juice, adjustable feet, inlet ball valve 1/2" for water, inlet ball valve 1/2" for juice, water level gauge, juice level gauge, sensor for water level, 2 x electric heater 9 kW, control panel for temperature regulation (IP65 certified), dust cover.

Additional equipment: inox table with scale and valve for bag-in-box filling, different rubber seals for filling, protective thermal gloves