Electric fruit crusher GARHE – Grain mill / Malt mill / Olive mill

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  • Engine power: 1100W (1.5 hp)
  • RPM: 2850rpm
  • Productivity: up to 200 kg/h (depending on the product)
  • Dimensions: 480x305x350 mm
  • Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Made in China for GARHE SA

Fruit crusher’s housing is made of chrome-plated steel. The hopper is made of steel.

Electric mill for intensive domestic use. Perfect for farms or small farms that need to crush fruits like apples or grind olives, corn and all kinds of cereals, stale bread, nuts, etc.

Equipped with a dual-use blade valid both for crushing into portions and for grinding grain, it also includes five sieves to choose from depending on the desired grinding texture of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 mm respectively and double feeding system by the upper hopper to introduce the grain or through the nozzle at the front for large portions.

To grind olives, use the sieve with larger holes to facilitate the output of the ground olive.

To crush apples or other fruit or vegetables use the slicing blade (is included). Fruits and vegetables are crushed without any sieve to facilitate the output and instead of the original blade.