Filtration bag 0,75l-100l (100% Polyester)

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MATERIAL: lavsan 140g/m2 (100% polyester)



0,75 l – 19 x 24,5 cm (VP-075, VP-075s)

3l – 31x39cm (VP-3, VP-3s)

5 l – 33,5 x 47 cm (VP-5, VP-5s)

10 l – 41 x 63 cm (VP-10, VP-10s)

12l – 44,5x54cm (GP-12, GP-12s, GBP-12)

20 l – 48,5 x 83 cm (VP-20, VP-20s)

26 l – 55 x 68 cm (GP-26, GP-26s, GBP-26, GP-30)

50 l – 66,5 x 103 cm (GP-50, GP-50)

100 l – 83,5 x 118 cm (GP-100, GP-100s, GPA-100s, VP-100)

Choosing a juice filtration bag

To obtain pure juice with a minimum pulp content, you need to use bags with a fine mesh: 100% polyester (lavsan) or 100% linen. Such a bag is suitable for squeezing juice from apples, pears, pineapple, ginger, rhubarb, grapes and other juicy hard fruits, berries or vegetables that contain large fibers. Berries and fruits with fine fibers will clog the filtration bag (e.g. black currant, plum, peach, etc.).

Linen fabric is very strong, one of the few fabrics that is stronger when wet rather than when dry. Linen bags are a little bit more expensive, but more environmentally friendly, since when replacing the bag, plastic does not get into nature. Linen is a natural fiber that is completely biodegradable.

If you would like to have juice with pulp, then you need to use a bag with a coarse mesh (100% polypropylene). Such a bag is suitable for pressing juice from plums, apricots, peaches, red currants, black currants and other berries and fruits. A coarse mesh bag can also be used for apples, pears and grapes, but the juice will be less clear in this case.

Recommendation: It is always good to have one spare bag so that the juice making process does not stop due to a torn filtration bag.