How to make apple wine?

2021-07-26 22:15:26

It is necessary:

– apple juice 8-10 liters,

– 2 kg of sugar,

– an unwashed bunch of grapes,

– 3 months.

Make the apple juice using the apple press and the crusher; add 0.5 kg of sugar to 8-10 liters of juice and an unwashed bunch of grapes to the juice. Leave the juice to ferment for 3 weeks. After that pour the wine, removing sediment and wash the bunch of grapes. Add 1.5 kg of sugar dissolved in the warmed-up juice and add the bunch of grapes. Leave to ferment for a month. Pour the wine, removing sediment and the bunch of grapes. Leave the wine for a month in a cold place.

Store the wine in bottles and put it in a cool place (cellar). But from experience wine should be stored in a 10-20 liters glass container and pump out necessary amount of wine using a special pump for wine, so as not to shake the sediment.

It is important! It is advisable to drink apple wine in a 1.5 year period.

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