How to choose a press?

How to choose a press? />



The presses mainly differ from each other by the capacity of the barrel and the principle of work (screw or hydraulic). On the barrel capacity depends only how much juice you will get by one pressing. One pressing cycle takes 5-10 min. Juice yield is 50-70% of the capacity of the barrel. Therefore, your choice of the press should be based on how much juice you are planning to get.

1) As a souvenir

The press VP-075 is suitable to press a few glasses of juice. Such press is good as a present or souvenir. It will decorate your kitchen as well, because natural wood always add some comfort and warmth to home.

2) For the kitchen

If you are not going to make a lot of juice and just want to treat yourself with a delicious juice during the summer, it will be enough to use a 3 L press VP-3 or VP-5 (5 litres). This press takes a little space and can be freely used in the kitchen.

3) For the summer cottage

If you want to prepare for winter about 10-20 three-litre-jars of juice, the screw press VP-5 or VP-10 is the best choice.

4) For the garden

If you have a big garden and plan to prepare a lot of juice for winter and make wine, in this case, better to choose a 20-30 litres press. In one pressing cycle, you will get a bucket of juice.

5) For a small production

If you are going to make juice for sale or have a huge family, you need a 50 L and more press. Using such press can be squeezed more than 200 litres of juice per hour.

Choosing between the screw and the hydraulic press it is necessary to consider the following factors:

1. Using screw presses with the barrel capacity up to 10 litres, it is enough to hold the press with one hand to the frame and to rotate the screw with the other during the pressing process. Screw presses with the capacity of 10-20 L and more is necessary to fix with 4 screws to the stable base so that it does not whirl. Hydraulic press is enough to put on the edge of the table over the container for juice collecting.

2. Using a hydraulic press it is possible to create a greater force with the jack, thus getting more juice yield. However, it is necessary to put wooden ingots under the jack in the course of motion of the piston to press the apples to the end, because the stroke is not enough for the entire height of the barrel and the jack’s handle begins to abut the edge of the barrel.

3. Using a screw press the juice extraction process takes place in one step.

For berries

To squeeze the juice from berries, the small presses with the barrel capacity of 3-5 litres are used.  Sometimes it can be problematic to collect enough berries for the juice. In this case, many customers are purchasing e.g. a hydraulic press at 30 litres and an electric crusher for apples, and for berries they additionally take a 3 litre screw press.

For apples, fruit and vegetables

All the presses are suitable to make the juice from apples. The choice of press should be based on the amount of juice you are planning to get.

For grapes

To make the juice from grapes our customers usually buy a screw press at 10-20 litres. Of course, everything depends on your harvest, but if you grow several buckets of grapes every year, then the screw press VP-5 would be suitable for you.

Choosing a crusher

Choosing a crusher it is necessary to pay attention to its productivity. It is desirable to choose a crusher to the press, so that the speed of crushing the raw and the speed of juice squeezing would be approximately the same. The juice is usually squeezed by the whole family. One person collects and washes the fruit, another crushes them, the third person squeezes the juice. In this case, no one will wait when the other person will crush the apples for pressing or will press the juice, and the container for crushed raw finally will be empty.

For example, for press with the capacity of 3-5 litres would suit the hand crusher RS-1 or the crusher DS-1 with 30-50 kg/ hour productivity.

For press with the capacity of 10-20 litres would suit the hand crusher RS-2 or the electric crusher ES-018 with 100-200 kg/ hour productivity.

For hydraulic press with the barrel capacity of 30 litres and more is needed the electric crusher ES-055  with 300-500 kg/ hour productivity.