Juice pasteurizer ZOTTEL 60 l - 90 l

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  • Capacity: 60l/h / 90l/h
  • Diameter: 476 mm / 565 mm
  • Height: 500 mm / 540 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg / 16 kg
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 304
  • Made in Slovenia

How to use it:

Fill the pot with water and cover it. Turn on gas burner and heat water to the temperature between 82 and 85°C. With gas burner 9kW, it will take around 1 hour. When the temperature is achieved, connect the tube to inlet with ball valve and fill the spiral with juice. Open the outlet tap and control the temperature of juice. It should be ideally between 79 and 82°C.

You can use the pot for juice storage. In this case, simply change the cover. You can use floating lid with paraffinum oil to prevent the contact of juice with air.

The pasteurizer set includes: stainless steel pot, cover with spiral tube, analog thermometer, outlet with tap 1/2", inlet with ball valve 1/2", two wooden handles, hose fi12mm, 2 metres.

Additional equipment: digital thermometer, protective thermal gloves, dust cover.