Indoor gas burner GT-250 (7,5kW)

Manufacturer: FLAMES VLC
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  • Maximum power: 7,5 kW
  • Burner diameter: 25 cm
  • Authorised for indoor use
  • Safety valve with thermocouple
  • Recommended diameter of pot / paella pan: 35-50 cm
  • Capacity: 25 -50 l
  • Authorized gases: Butane at 29 mbar / Propane at 37 mbar / Propane at 50 mbar / Natural gas at 20 mbar
  • Made in Spain

Gas burner for domestic use. Ideal for rice dishes, paella, barbecues, grilled roasts or stews. Sturdy, with larger gas chamber and greater power.

Needle valve stopcock

Obstruction free. Greater flame control at maximum and minimum levels.

Patented Optim System

Increased gas output. More powerful, abundant flame. Lateral flame position. Greater flame reach. Better combustion.

Butane/Propane Must be connected to a bottle of butane gas by means of a hose. The hose is to be attached to one end of the burner using clamps. The other end is to be attached to the 30 mbar regulator that is coupled to the bottle. The hose must not have exceeded its expiry date.

Do not use the burner with gas other than that for which it is intended. The burner must be used by professionals and in well-ventilated interior spaces.

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