Electric destoner – crusher / straining / pulping machine DENI for cherries, plums, apricots

Manufacturer: GRIFO
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  • Dimensions: 20×58 cm, h 64 cm
  • Hopper: 900×500 mm
  • Hourly production: 500 kg
  • Electric motor: 0,745 kW, 220 V
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Made in Italy

This model of destoner is almost entirely made of stainless-steel. Grifo made a simple and functional destoner to allow the users to quickly destone different fruits as cherries, apricots and plums with the use of specific grids.

The machine allows to separate the pulp from the kernel while also crushing the fruit.

Composed by stainless-steel funnel hopper, a case and a powerful electric motor. The fruit is first crushed by the rollers and then squeezed by a rubber spatula on the stainless-steel grid which selects the pulp out of the kernels.

The extractible grids are made of stainless-steel while the rollers and gears are in nylon. The specific supports allow to adjust the rollers by a few millimeters while also ensuring sturdiness and durability.