Manual apple crusher RS-2

Manual apple crusher RS-2

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Autonomous. Involving.


Dimensions: 30х40х80 cm

Weight: 8 kg

Productivity: 80-100 kg / hour

Crusher is meant for apple, pear and other fruit crushing. The porridge, got with the help of the crusher, is good for pressing and crushing degree provides the best juice yield. Such crusher together with the press allows to squeeze the juice even if there is no electricity. The construction of the crusher allows to rotate the handle easily, so that even children may participate in this process, crushing the apples.

Housing and crushing cylinder are made of stainless steel.  

Housing, handle, receiving hopper and crushing cylinder are made of stainless steel. Inside the crusher there is a crushing cylinder. The cylinder has the alternating stainless steel screws inside, by which the apples are crushed. Such construction of a cylinder tears the pieces of apples instead of cutting. In such a way the juice is exuding and the crushed apple mass in the following pressing gives the juice to the last drop.

Special form of the housing.

Due to the special form of the crusher’s housing and the large-diameter crushing cylinder the apples are sucked in and you do not need to push them during the crushing process. The housings base and the handle are made of oak.

The grid at the bottom of the housing.

Special grid at the bottom of the crusher does not allow the large pieces of fruit to fall, they get back into the receiving hopper.

Bushings made of friction plastic.

Crusher’s bushings are made of special friction plastic which allows to reduce friction and wear of the shaft to a minimum.

Practical construction.

The wheel with the handle are removable, which makes it easy to store and transport the crusher. Before you start working with the crusher it should be fixed with the clamps, for example, between two benches, and a container for crushed apples should be placed below it.


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